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We look forward to seeing you instore! When you visit us, our staff will check you in, inspect your device and confirm pricing and approximate turnaround time.

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We price match any repair shop.

Simply reply to this email with the name of the shop and the price you were quoted.

Why do we ask for your personal information?

Our staff may ask for the passcode for your device upon intake. This is only to perform our 30-point pre-repair and post-repair inspection to ensure your device is in perfect working order. We'll test your front and rear camera, microphone, loudspeaker, sensors, and more. Access will allow us to ensure the highest quality repair and customer service. If you are uncomfortable giving us your passcode we can run our pre and post service inspection in front of you when you pickup the device.

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Turnaround times and costs vary based upon the nature of the service, parts availability, your warranty status, and other factors. Once your device is in the shop, we will diagnose your problem and contact you as soon as we can to provide any details and specific time and cost estimate. Diagnostic and/or repair fees may apply if work to be performed is not covered under warranty. Offer expires one week after Free Estimate Request submitted.

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