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Video Game Repair

Is your console or gaming PC broken? Our gaming repair service can help you by performing a quick, reliable and affordable repair. There are lots of components that can malfunction in a gaming unit, so we will perform an efficient but thorough diagnostic to determine the source of the issue. Once we’ve repaired it, we make sure that everything is repaired by performing an intense testing session.


Our technicians are trained and qualified to perform work on the most popular gaming consoles so even if your unit is getting up there in age, we can usually fix it. At the outset of every project we will give you a free cost estimate as well as our professional opinion as to whether the most cost effective route is repair or replacement.


Find a list of the common problems and models that we repair below.

Problems we solve:

Models we service:

Custom-Built Gaming PCs

As gamers know, a high-powered gaming PC really adds to the overall experience and can provide a technical edge for those who like to compete. Our technicians at Mission Repair are also gamers so we pride ourselves on our ability to build super-fast, stable machines that offer you the ultimate in processing speed, audio, visual and sensory overload.

If speed, power, accuracy of movement and reliability matter to you – talk to our PC architects and we can build you whatever machine you like. Call us today at 204.800.2460

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Save BIG on multiple device services !

Save $10 on two devices, 15% on three devices and 20% on more than 3 devices. No matter if its a computer or a laptop (PC or MAC), Gaming Console, Tablet, iPad, or an iPod, we are a one stop shop for everything.