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PC Computer Repair

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PC Computer Repair

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Computer Repair Services And Virus Removal

The reliability of computers has increased steadily over the last decade but just like an automobile – breakdowns do happen and repairs are occasionally required. Whether it’s your laptop or desktop, it is our priority to get your PC back to you as fast as possible. And in the very rare case where your computer is not fixable, we can usually retrieve key files from your old machine so that your most important information is not lost.Our technicians are trained and qualified to perform work on all types of PC units so no matter how old or new your computer is, we can usually fix it.

At the outset of every project we will give you a free cost estimate as well as our professional opinion as to whether the most cost-effective route is repair or replacement. Find a list of the common problems and models that we repair below.

Problems we solve:

Models we service:

Most all makes and models

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Save $10 on two devices, 15% on three devices and 20% on more than 3 devices. No matter if its a computer or a laptop (PC or MAC), Gaming Console, Tablet, iPad, or an iPod, we are a one stop shop for everything.