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PS4 vs Xbox One – which one should I get ?

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PS4 vs Xbox One

PS4 Or Xbox One: That Is a Real Question

Tom has purchased a PS4 and his friend Joe is the proud owner of Xbox One. Now Tom and Joe want to have a contest as to which system is better.

They are aware that both Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 (or PS4 for short) are constantly evolving.

Game Library is the first thing to consider. You do not need to use Xbox One for all of Microsoft’s biggest first-party games. Microsoft’s Play Anywhere initiative allows you to buy the digital versions of certain games and play them either on Xbox One or on Windows 10. Hence, if you have a decent gaming PC, you do not need Xbox One. However, Joe needs it as not only does he not have a good gaming PC but also because he knows that not all games can be played on Windows 10. Tom’s PS4 on the other hand allows him to play some older PS2 classics for $15 apiece. He can also stream some PS3 games for $20 a month or on a per game basis. In this comparison Xbox One offers you greater quantity of games whereas PS4 gives you more quality games that you can play only on a console.

Now, how about the looks? Clearly, Tom’s PS4 console is slimmer, lighter and thus more travel friendly than Joe’s Xbox One which makes him a bit jealous. As far as other hardware is concerned, each system’s controller is simply a matter of preference. Tom uses his console a lot so he is really enjoying his skinny PS4 controller. It is also easier and cheaper for him to charge it as it does not require any extra batteries or a charging kit like Joe’s Xbox One. To Tom’s liking his PS4 also supports virtual reality whereas Joe’s Xbox One console doesn’t although Joe will most likely get it with an upcoming Project Scorpio console.

The third round of this contest involves performance and graphics. In terms of resolution, Tom’s PS4 is better than Joe’s Xbox One. PS4 will also support more HDR (High Dynamic Range)-ready games. In case you don’t know this, HDR support allows for richer colors and better brightness.

Next, Tom and Joe want to check which console is more user friendly. It turns out that Tom’s system has more intuitive options for broadcasting gameplay and sharing with friends.

Round 5! Entertainment. Joe is a little bit worried by now. Can you guess why? Well, he has not yet won a single round of this contest. Naturally, he wonders whether or not he will win this one. What do you think? Let’s find out. Xbox One allows you to quickly switch between playing a game and watching a show. You are also able to snap your TV feed to the top right of your screen such that you can watch and play. Even without a cable subscription, Xbox One is able to receive basic over-the-air live TV. Therefore, Joe’s console is a clear winner here. Good for you, Joe! It’s about time.

The final two rounds in this competition are over value and online experience. Again, a question is: who do you think will win these ones? It should be interesting. Xbox One is more stable online and offers more cloud storage along with more games to play each month. Last but not least, Joe can be happy that his console was much cheaper to buy than Tom’s.

So what do you think is the final result of this contest? Well, both Tom and Joe have won 3 rounds each and drew one so at the end it is a draw!

Hence, Mission Repair Centre believes that choice of a system is entirely up to you and depends solely on what really matters or is important to you from the things we had considered.

Darius Romanek

Mission Repair Centre Team 🙂

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