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Reduce your iPhone Internet Data Usage if you use Facebook and Twitter Extensively

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How Could You Reduce Your iPhone Internet Data Usage if You Use Facebook and Twitter Extensively?

David’s girlfriend Anna also uses her iPhone extensively like David does. However, her main focus is on Facebook and Twitter. Just like David, Anna has already figured out that she can save on her cellular data usage by turning certain phone functions off, ones that she does not need or use very much.

Now she also needs to find out how her use of Facebook and Twitter affects her data usage. In order to do that she decides to talk to some experienced individuals as well as to do some research. Let us see what Anna has found out in due course.

She was relieved to know that both Facebook and Twitter provide you with an option to enable auto-play videos on Wi-Fi network only.

How can you find out how much of your cellular data is being consumed by Facebook and Twitter apps? Well, there are three essential steps. You begin by launching the Settings app, navigating to Cellular and scrolling down to the ‘Use Cellular Data For’ section. When Anna did that, she was shocked to see how much cellular data she was using for Facebook and Twitter. Hopefully, you will not be as shocked as Anna was.

So how do you disable auto-play videos in the Facebook app when on a cellular network? Well, there are several steps that you should follow and if you are like Anna, you will follow them carefully.

First, you should launch the Facebook app. Then you tap on More in the Tab bar at the bottom and scroll down to tap on Settings. A menu will pop up where you must tap on Account Settings. When in Account Settings, tap Videos and Photos. In Videos and Photos menu, you should tap Auto-play. Here Anna is faced with a choice. If she wants the auto-play feature to work only while connected to a Wi-Fi network, she should tap on ‘On Wi-Fi Connections Only’. Otherwise, she should tap Never Auto-play videos, if she doesn’t want the feature. As we already know, Anna was happy when she realized that both Facebook and Twitter allow you to enable auto-play videos on Wi-Fi network. Obviously then, she is going to choose that option.

Disabling procedure for auto-play videos in the Twitter app when on a cellular network is as follows.

Again, you launch the Twitter app and tap on the Me tab in the tab bar at the bottom. What you see is your profile popping up. Next to your profile pic, you see a little icon in shape of a gear. You should tap on it. As before, a menu will pop up where you must tap on Settings. Tap Video auto-play. Here you have two options: ‘Use Wi-Fi only’ and ‘Never play videos automatically’. Certainly, we already know what Anna will choose.

If you are a heavy Facebook and Twitter user like Anna, Mission Repair Centre recommends that you follow these simple procedures in order to save on your cellular data usage.

Darius Romanek

Mission Repair Centre Team 🙂

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